Why go solar? People say, "To save money of course"

At All Air Heating Air Conditiong And Solar Installation in Lodi we lead By example. We are constantly evolving in our eco-friendly relationships and practices. Using our strong relationships with premiere distributors so that we can offer you, our customers the best incentives and rebate's.

For most, the motivation for investing in Solar Installation in Lodi homes and businesses is typically for one reason. Its the solar customers number one reason to invest, they do it to save money.

Today the Solar Installation in Lodi is on fire, with homeowners and businesses installing solar systems all across the U.S. Some with the idea of helping the environment, but most just trying to save a buck.

Right now home Solar Installation sales stands at less than one percent, but experts suggest it will grow as much as 20 to 30 percent by 2020. Solar is expected to hit $6 billion in sales in the next two years.

It's getting tough for the utility company to compete  with solar on the rise. Currently government legislation requires the utility to support Solar Installation, so for now they will comply and keep serviceing homes with Solar Installation. Until 2016 the government is providing a 30% tax credit. The utility company is also adding rebates for a Solar Installation. There are also Energy Efficient financing loans where the payback is less then the savings. As you can see now is the best time to invest in a Solar Installation in Lodi.

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