Doing Home Health Audit Inspections the Right Way with All Air Heating & Air Conditioning in Lodi

All Air Lodi has a very professional team of home comfort advisors. When invited into your home, our comfort consultants will spend a significant amount of time with you. They will inspect your current system, assess your family's needs, and together you will design the perfect comfort system for you and your family. Please understand, a bigger system is not always better. Sizing properly and a quality installation are essential to the comfort you deserve. Our comfort advisors will do a heat load calculation.

In doing this, we can provide the right size unit for your home. In order to do this Heat Load Calculation, we have to gather some data; the square footage of your home, level of insulation in your ceiling, floor, walls and windows, the number of windows and doors in the home (and their construction and E value), and the direction the house is facing. We will also inspect your current duct system and check the airflow at your registers.

Lodi has a Mediterranean climate, which would cause a lot of variations in temperature inside your home as well as create potential hazards that might not be apparent at first. There are many factors that come into play in maximizing the comfort inside your home. That’s why you will need the help of a trained professional in order to identify the red flags or problem spots as well as figure out potential opportunities for home improvement and safety.

All HVAC professionals use a standardized method to ensure that your home is as comfortable and as safe as can be. This article will discuss in specific detail the important aspects of conducting Home Health Audit inspections.

1. Look for carbon monoxide leaks or potential leaks from all gas appliances.

Carbon monoxide is a corrosive gas that can be released by many gas appliances or equipment. The fact that carbon monoxide is a gas and is undetectable is what makes it more dangerous. Our Lodi HVAC professionals have the equipment and the know-how in spotting leaks or potential leaks.

2. Thorough duct system inspections

Air ducts inside the home provide ventilation and insulation to make the home more comfortable and safe. Any duct system should meet the health, safety, and comfort requirements. It pays, however, to be safe, and our Lodi HVAC professionals can check the air ducts for any leaks, find out if it’s poorly insulated, or check whether it’s not properly designed or whether it’s of the right size in reference to the size of your home. The professional may also check for hot or cold spots in your home. An extensive check inside the home could save you and your home companions from the dangers of exposure to asbestos.

3. Check all HVAC equipment for operational problems

The reason the inside of your home might be too hot or too cold despite using an air conditioning or heating unit might be due to a problem with some of its parts. Our Lodi HVAC professionals have the technical knowledge on how to fix them and are able to give you the best advice if the unit in question can’t be fixed. Our Lodi All Air HVAC professional can even check the operational efficiency and safety level of your smoke detectors.

4. Evaluate filtration efficiency

Filters are integral to getting rid of air pollutants inside the home. To ensure that the filtration inside the home is doing its job efficiently, a routine check can be made.

5. Test the home’s humidity levels

Being able to control or regulate the humidity level in the home is becoming increasingly important these days. Humidity levels in the home can increase in a lot of ways, but the HVAC professional has the skills necessary to identify the underlying cause and find out the right solutions to get rid of it.

Once our HVAC technician is done conducting the Home Health Audit inspections in your home, you will be provided the best possible solutions in fixing the problems that have been detected as well as the measures you can take to improve the comfort and safety levels of your home.

In the end All Air Lodi provides a professional proposal outlining the scope of work with the best system you determined would be best for you. Then allow the team of Installers at All Air Lodi install that perfect heating and cooling system installation.

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