Maintenance Health Audit Inspection

modesto-HVACAll Air Lodi has a very professional team of consultants. When invited to your home, our comfort consultants will spend a significant amount of time with you. They will inspect your current system, assess your family's needs, and together you will design the perfect comfort system for you and your family. Please understand, a bigger system is not always better. Sizing properly and a quality installation are essential to the comfort you deserve. Our consultants will do a heat load calculation. In doing this, we can provide the right size unit for your home. In order to do this Heat Load Calculation, we have to gather some data; the square footage of your home, level of insulation in your ceiling, floor, walls and windows, the number of windows and doors in the home (and their construction and E value), and the direction the house is facing. We will also inspect your current duct system and check the airflow at your registers. In the end All Air Lodi provides a professional proposal outlining the scope of the project and system which you have helped us customize. The professional team of Installers at All Air Lodi in customized sheet metal fittings for that perfect heating and cooling system installation.       lodi-air-conditioning-repair