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Heat pumps can be used year round, summer and winter. In the winter time, heat pumps draw heat from the air outside your home and circulates it through the ducts and into your home. In the summer time, heat pumps draw heat from the inside of your home and releases it into the outdoors.

Professional Heat Pump Service in Lodi CA

Having a heat pump in your home gives you your energy-efficiency. Heat pumps use electricity to move heat from a cooler area into a warm comfortable space in your home. When the weather outside is hot and it soon becomes the cooling season, the heat pump will transport heat from your house and back into the outdoors using electricity. Heat pumps are perfect for warm climates, or especially where gas isn't available. When it's heating season it basically does the same thing but vice versa. With that said the heat pump provides you both with heating and cooling without burning fuel like a heating system does. Rather than generating heat, the heat pump will be transferring heat saving you money on your utility bills. Remember when deciding to buy a heat pump it can save you 30% on your heating cost when compared to a gas. Also the heat pump provides you with continuous comfort throughout your home year-round, when heating systems only cover some areas causing different room temperatures around your house. When buying a heat pump unit here at All-Air Heating and Air conditioning there are a selection of heat pumps available to provide you with your heating and cooling needs.

Heating Services Insulation Benefits

  • Air-source: Brings heat inside through coils filled with refrigerant using a fan to concentrate the temperature of the air.
  • Absorption: Same concept but power driven using solar energy, natural gas, or propane.
  • Mini-split: for a home that doesn't have an air duct system.
  • Ground-Source: Takes the warmth from the ground and transfers it through a pipe system.
  • Reverse Cycle Chiller: Instead of transferring heat and cold in your air the RCC system cools your water.

What are the benefits of heat pumps?

  • Dehumidifies indoor air as it cools
  • Can be used year round making them cost effective
  • Can produce smaller temperature swings adding to your comfort

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