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Zoning you home allows you to heat or cool individual rooms in the house without having to heat or cool your entire house. Zoning systems allow cooling and heating equipment to deliver peak performance without continuing to operate at peak capacity. A properly designed zoning system can save you on your heating and cooling bills all year long.

All Air Heating & Air Conditioning offers Lodi zone control service to customers. From installation to zone control repair and maintenance, our certified technicians can handle all your zone control system needs. We can help you select the most cost–effective best solution for your particular home and needs. We are happy to work with customers and their budgets to help them get the system that fits them best. If you live in the Lodi area, call All Air Heating & Air Conditioning for all your zone control needs.

Are you considering zoning your home? We can install a variety of name brands and models for zone control systems. Typically, a zone control system is installed as a forced air system, and dampers are placed in the ductwork to shut off areas or "zones" that are not being used. Zone control systems are designed to save energy and money because you aren’t heating or cooling the entire home at once which can be a waste. This will save you great amounts of money on utility bills in the long run. Simply shutting doors or closing off vents will not provide the same results, and could cause damage the system or reduce efficiency due to lack of airflow. You can also get zoning by installing a ductless mini split system, and we can install that for you too.

Zoning Your Home in Lodi with All Air Heating & Air Conditioning

Call All Air Heating & AIr Conditioning for zone control system repair services. We serve customers throughout the area, and our Lodi air conditioning technicians are equipped and trained to repair all makes and models. We are an experienced heating and cooling company, and we stay up to date with the latest in zone control technology to help best serve our customers. We are available for emergency zone control repairs, so call any time for fast service.

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For zone control system replacement in Lodi, call All Air Heating & Air Conditioning. We install new zone control systems, but we can also upgrade or replace an existing zone control system. Whether you have forced air zone control in your home or a ductless mini split system, we can take care of all your replacement needs too. We also install and replace thermostats for a variety of zone control systems as well. Call for a free estimate on a replacement model for your zone control system.

What are the benefits of zoning your home?

  • Heats or cools only desired areas to maximize your comfort
  • Money savings on utility bills
  • Flexibility and control over temperature

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