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As the winter months get chilly, and your heating system needs repair. Call All-Air Heating and Air – Galt HVAC Services, the heating repair specialists for Galt, CA. Our trained heating repair technicians can diagnose your heating or HVAC unit and get your house warm again. Nobody likes to be cold during the winter and All-Air Heating and Air, the straight forward guys will make sure that you are not. At All-Air Heating and Air in Lodi, CA, we strive to be your complete solution for your heating repair needs.

How fresh and clean is the air you breathe? Think about it, cooking, cleaning chemicals and even your personal care products send millions of tiny particles into the air. Your building’s occupants (and even you) shed billions of microscopic skin cells every day.If you stop and really think about it, all the air inside your building came from outside the building originally. All the pollens, dust, mold spores, chemicals, even insects – in short, all the air pollution – from outdoors is now indoors.

Here at Lodi All-Air we offer easy-to-read thermostats that can give you control of your home’s temperature with a touch of a button. At All-Air, Galt HVAC Services, you know you can choose us because we offer easy installation on all models and high-tech technological thermostats that can help you control your homes heating and air conditioning the way you want it. Plus, if you choose a programmable thermostat it can save you money on your monthly utility bill by decreasing your homes heating and cooling cost up to 35%. Here at All-Air heating and air Lodi we can easily install and recommend other great accessories that will work together perfectly with your thermostat for greater reliability, comfort, and efficiency.

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Heating Services HVAC Services Offered:

  • Residential and Commercial
  • Change Filters
  • Repair Leaks
  • Routine Maintenance
  • HVAC support equipment maintenance
  • Unit replacements