HVAC Installation Solutions for Pollen

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In Manteca Ca spring is a magical time of year in most ways. But the blooming of trees and plant life means the release of massive quantities of pollen, which can make the average life of a Mantecan miserable for those vulnerable to springtime allergies.
According to medical authorities, nearly 60 million Americans will suffer the symptoms of hay fever in the pre-summer months. You or someone you know in Manteca is likely familiar with the coughing, sniffling, sneezing, itching, irritation and congestion that pollen-related allergies can bring, and as much as you look forward to the warmer weather you could definitely do without the unwanted boost in your personal misery index.
But fear not because you are not helpless. A properly maintained heating and cooling system in Manteca Ca can reduce the pollen content inside your home and leave you breathing much easier than you’d ever imagined was possible.

HVAC Strategies for Combating Pollen Contamination

When the pollen count is high in Manteca Ca pollen is everywhere, polluting the air indoors as well as outdoors. Fortunately Installation Solutions for Pollen can help you fight back against this microscopic invader, as long as you do what is necessary to ensure your equipment is functioning cleanly, smoothly and efficiently.
To keep your heating and cooling system sharp as a tack and on the ball in the battle against pollen, here’s what you can do:

  • Thoroughly clean your air conditioner’s condenser on an annual basis.
    Along with other airborne pollutants pollen can accumulate on condenser coils and in drain pans, lingering until the following cooling season when it will begin circulating through your home all over again. To prevent this from happening, clean your condenser immediately after spring allergy season concludes, as preventive maintenance to head off future problems.

  • Have your ductwork professionally cleaned.
    The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends a thorough duct cleaning every three to five years, and if you suffer from allergies related to pollen you might want to consider doing it a bit more frequently. Keep in mind, if you let dust, dirt, debris and other contaminants—like pollen—accumulate in your ducts it will continue to circulate throughout your home for months or even years any time you switch on the furnace or air conditioner.

  • Contract an HVAC technician to inspect your ducts for leaks and add sealant as necessary.
    Cracks, crevices, holes and uncovered seams in ductwork can cause significant heating or cooling loss (10-15 percent efficiency reductions are not unheard of), and pollen can penetrate your duct system through these openings as well.After performing a careful duct inspection, an HVAC technician can plug all the leaks and prevent further energy waste and pollen intrusion by adding duct sealant, which comes in either spray form or as a “paint on” paste.

  • Replace your existing air filter with a high-quality media filter
    Media HVAC air filters set standards of excellence that cheap competitors cannot match. They are more expensive than fiberglass, pleated or conventional electrostatic options, but with MERV ratings of 13 or higher they can filter out the pollen that would otherwise invade your HVAC system and emerge in every room through your registers. A high-quality media air filter can reduce your pollen-induced sniffling, sneezing and general discomfort by several degrees of intensity.

Spring Allergy Antidotes in Manteca from All Air Heating and Air

If you’re worried about high pollen counts and the effect they’re have on your home environment—and your health—the indoor air quality experts at All Air can help you develop a sensible strategy to HVAC Installation Solutions for Pollen we can combat this problem. We can offer you sound advice, superior maintenance services and outstanding clean air products that will assist your HVAC system as it works to keep your home’s air fresh and pollen-free.

If spring allergies are plaguing your family, spring into action and call us today.