Oil and Gas Furnaces in Lodi, CA

Here at Lodi All-Air Heating and Air conditioning, we want our customers to have the perfect combination of cost-saving energy efficiency and gas heat. Our oil and gas furnaces will not only make you feel completely at ease, but will also make you feel better about your choice at the end of every month. Having an oil or gas furnace will guarantee you a lifestyle with superior efficiency. As we all know air conditioning and heating systems take the credit for using the most energy at home. It can even raise up to 80% of the utility bill. When buying a new innovated oil or gas furnace it can save up to 50% in operating cost compared to your old furnace. It does not matter if your system is old or new. If you are looking for routine maintenance or if you are in need of a major heating repair, All-Air Heating and Air Conditioning is here for you. Now that you've made the psychological leap from an oil furnace to a gas furnace, grab your calculator and crunch the numbers. When you've recovered from sticker shock, subtract the tax credit the feds will give you — up to $1,500 — and remember the $1,120 off your yearly energy bill that the oil-to-gas leap typically reaps, and the upfront costs don't look so bad.

Financing Available!

  • Heating Services Gas Furnace Services:
  • Most popular option for petroleum-based products
  • Uses less fuel to heat the air
  • Less exhaust
  • burn natural gas
  • Inspecting and testing carbon monoxide detectors
  • Testing of all safety components
  • Checking of gas pressure and valves for leaks and proper operation
  • Inspection of gas valve(s) and burner(s) for proper operation
  • Check the operation and functionality of hot surface igniters and flame sensors during furnace start up
  • Check all electrical sources and connections
  • Thoroughly inspect flue pipes and duct system