All Air Heating & Air Conditioning- Choosing the Right Contractor

Most people take for granted the comfort provided by their central air conditioner, heat pump or furnace until something goes wrong and the unit needs to be repaired or replaced. When this happens, you need a quality heating, ventilating and air conditioning / refrigeration (HVACR) contractor who is knowledgeable, professional skilled and qualified to do the job.

All Air Heating & Air Conditioning- Lodi - A Quality Contractor:

  • Complies with state and local codes and regulations and carries the proper business and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Is prompt, courteous and provides fast, reliable service while attempting to perform service at your convenience.
  • Has the skill and knowledge to not only service your equipment, but if necessary, to design and install the right system for you.
  • Is up to date on the newest developments in equipment, technology and design procedures in order to choose and install a system which will be the most efficient and most reliable system for you.
A heating, ventilating and air conditioning system is designed to cater to your needs. Your contractor selects each part of the system individually so that everything works at top efficiency to provide the comfort you need. All the system components are matched-the furnace, the condensing unit, fans and blowers, air conditioning coil, the duct work-to produce a heating and cooling system that will work best for you.

Choosing The Right Contractor and Steps to Do before Calling Help

Before you call a repair contractor to inspect your unit, it would help a lot if you will conduct your investigation first. Doing an initial investigation on your own may actually help you save money and understand your unit well. But, if after investigation, you still don’t know what exactly is wrong with you cooling or heating system and the appropriate thing to do, choosing a contractor in Lodi should be your next step.

Criteria in Choosing The Right Contractor

Don’t just pick any contractor. You might just waste money if you go to the internet and just choose the one that appears at the top of the list on the web search page. Neither should you choose the one nearest your location. Consider the following criteria in choosing a contractor to repair your heating or cooling unit.

  • The contractor must possess proper licenses and certifications.
  • The contractor should be bonded or insured. This is to ensure that you, your family, your home and other properties are protected.
  • The contractor must be receiving good feedback from previous customers. Get to read comments in internet forums for air heating system contractors.
  • The contractor must be willing to conduct an investigation first before giving you cost estimates and scheduling of the actual repair.
  • The contractor must be willing to provide with the details of the repair service in writing or in the form of a contract.

Choosing The Right Contractor – What to do Before Calling a Contractor

Here are the necessary steps to determine the problem on your own. Study these steps well because having some basic knowledge can help you not only in determining air heating and cooling system problems but also in doing the repair all on your own.

  • Checking the Filters – Annually, the filters must be replaced twice. Dirty filters can affect the ability of the unit to dispense hot or cold air.

  • Checking the Thermostat – The solution can be as simple as replacing the thermostat. If the thermostat is a digital one, buy new batteries. If nothing happens, it will be time to buy a replacement.

  • If it is powered by electricity and you don’t hear a clicking sound upon turning the thermostat on, this is also a case that calls for a replacement.

  • Checking the Ducts – Broken or clogged ducts may be causing the problem. Always clean the ducts.

  • Checking the Electric Connection to the Condenser or to the Power Panel – In many cases, the problem is as simple as losing connection to the power source or there are broken wires in some places. Get a power tester and do the tests.

  • Wash the Condenser – If the condenser is dirty, it may be the source of the problem. Wash it right away.

If after doing all these steps, the unit is still not working, it will indeed be the right time to call the experts. But always keep in mind the criteria in choosing a contractor in Lodi outlined here. Make sure that at the end of the day, you will not regret having someone else handle the job.

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