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Depending on your specific needs, we install whole–home humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Having proper moisture levels in your home is a very important part of maintaining good indoor air quality. Whether your home is too moist or too dry, we are here to help! We offer humidifier and dehumidifier services throughout the Lodi area.

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Is the air inside your home too dry? A whole–home humidifier installed by the All Air Heating and Air Conditioning can help. Air that is too dry can seem colder and cause sinus problems and dry skin. It can also damage furnishings and wood floors. We also maintain and service existing whole–house humidifiers. Let us find the solution that matches your needs, and call All Air Heating and Air Conditioning.

Humidifiers works by increasing moisture in the air. When heaters are in use, they dry up the air leaving us vulnerable to dry skin, allergies and colds. Humidifiers also help to maintain the moisture level to an optimal range all the while keeping the air in the home nice and fresh.

What are the benefits of air humidifiers?

  • Prevents and relieves dry and scratchy lips and skin
  • Humidifiers moisten the air which helps eliminate flu, cough, and cold symptoms
  • Moist, humid air helps reduce nosebleeds Humidifier
  • Helps asthma suffers as the improved air quality moisturizes the respiratory system
  • Added moisture allows the throat and nose to block dust and bacteria from entering
  • Keep infants and young children from getting sick and helps them sleep better
  • Increases oxygen levels, thus reducing headaches, fatigue, and overall tiredness
  • Keeps wood floors, furniture, plaster and paint from drying out and separating, cracking or peeling
  • Prevents static shock by reducing the static electricity in the room
  • Lowers heating bills by raising the humidity levels, making your home and body feel warmer and more comfortable

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