Sergio Garcia

In by Kevin

It is a Saturday and it is 95 outside. My family comes in from playing outside and we flip on the a/c. It turns on for about 5 min. & then it shuts down. Check the furnace and its the 3 amp fuse again. I have had the original installer of my a/c (starts with a B from Lodi) come out 4 different times for the same issue. I call All Air as company B does not do service work on the weekends. Phillp called me right back and was at my place in hour like he said he would. He did some trouble shooting and showed me some issues that needs to be addressed. You would of thought Company B would of pointed it out since they had been here 4 times in the last ten months. He found the problem was shoddy work. The wire that co. B ran from the thermo to the furnace and had already replace once was rubbing against sheet metal and cutting into the wire thus making the 3 amp fuse blow. Phillp corrected the problem and vola my a/c is working on this hot day. He was so awsome he sold me on joining the company service club. He was easy to talk to and gave me his honest opinion. I now wish they would of done my install. Phillp cheers to you. You just got a customer for life.