Elizabeth Wright

In by Kevin

Philip was awesome. He installed our compressor while our little 3 1/2 year old girl was playing 20,000 questions. He was very good with her. She asked him to not scare her praying mantis friend which he was sure to avoid. These guys are professional, knowledgeable ( my husband played 20,000 questions too), and a small business which we like :0) My hubs told me that the owner was able to save us $1000 too! Our compressor was only about 6yrs old and sounded horrible. Because we have had All Air coming out to service our system since we moved in, their service records showed we have been taking care of our system so the manufacturer warrantied the compressor though it was out of warranty. Initially I thought it was a waste of money to have them come out and service our system but I guess my hubs was right…but don’t tell him I said that ;0)