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Hero Program

Home owners in San Joaquin County can now benefit from a new energy financing program. The HERO Program (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) is an affordable way for homeowners to finance high efficient upgrades while minimizing their electrical consumption. Overall reducing their utility payments and increasing the value of their property.  Want to lean more about Hero Finance Program Lodi | Stockton | Galt look at  the California Assembly Bill AB811.

The HERO program allows advances at a low interest rate to residential homeowners for things like Solar Installation and Air Conditioning Installation. Property owners can make payments their homes property tax bill, with terms over 20 years. Even homeowners with low FICO scores can quickly qualify for funding under the Hero Finance Program Lodi | Stockton | Galt

Hero Finance Program Lodi | Stockton | Galt No Minimum FICO/Credit Score

  • Tax deductible Interest
  • Low Fixed Payments
  • 150,000 eligible products
  • Make Payments With Property taxes
  • In Most Cases Balance Can Be Transferred To Upon Sale Of The Property.

What is HERO?

The Hero Finance Program Lodi | Stockton | Galt is provided through a partnership between the  WRCOG (Western Riverside Council of Governments) and Renovate America, Inc. HERO is the number one in the United States when it comes to energy efficiency financing. HERO teams up with local cities and counties to make water efficient, Energy efficient, and renewable energy upgrades more affordable for homeowners. HERO provides low interest financing while creating jobs and reducing electrical consumption stimulating the economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Most, permanently affixed water efficiency, energy efficiency, and renewable energy products are eligible for Hero Finance Program Lodi | Stockton | Galt

Homeowners can repay HERO advances through their homes property tax bill assessment over terms of 5 to 20 years. The length of the term depends on the minimum Life expectancy of the product.

Hero Finance Program Lodi | Stockton | Galt ?

What is the minimum criteria for HERO Financing ?

Property owners who meet the minimum criteria below are eligible for The Hero Finance Program Lodi | Stockton | Galt

Residential specific requirements include the following:

A minimum of 10% equity in-home.

  • Homeowner must not be behind in mortgage and must not have had more than (1) 30 day late payment on mortgage in the past 12 months
  • Property taxes must be up to date and current with no more than one late payment in a period of three years.
  • Homeowners must have no outstanding liens on the property
  • Homeowners must any active bankruptcies for a period of (7) years and the Property must not be an involved in any bankruptcy. (If a bankruptcy has been discharged within two to seven years prior, and the homeowners have not had any late payments for a period of more than 60 days past due in the last 24 months, the homeowner may be approved).

At All Air Heating Air Conditiong And Solar , our experienced sales team knows the details of the Hero Finance Program Lodi | Stockton | Galt . Helping you receive the maximum advantage of this program. Let our professionals determine your properties eligibility and assist you through the every step of the process. From applying to receiving your funding we have the training and relationship as a registered contractor to assist all of your needs. So call today and start enjoying the benefit of theHero Finance Program Lodi | Stockton | Galt . Set your free, no-obligation or Risk consultation.

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